Home on the Road

By Cynthia Hanrahan - July 28, 2020

On the Road Again...in your Home


Do you ever get the feeling of wanderlust? Who hasn't thought about hitting the open road for parts unknown, but your house is making you stay put. No worries. Just take your house with you. 

I recently found @going_boundless on Instagram. They are a couple who have purchased an old school bus, gutted it completely, and renovated it in such a way that it inspired me to share it with you. Call it a tiny home on wheels. 

The transformation is jaw-dropping. The renovations took over a year to complete, but they now can hit the road in their tiny home on wheels without having to worry about booking accommodations. 

With any renovation, it's important to establish a budget and a time-frame for completion. Would you take on a complete renovation like this? Maybe start on a smaller scale, such as an office or a spare room.

If you are thinking about starting your own renovation project, I can help you with the process so that you aren't lost in a sea of options for materials and accessories. 

Inspired yet?





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